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When is the right time to make your grass greener?

Now of course.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free no obligation quotes?

Yes, we give a no obligation quote

When is the best time to core / scarify?

The best time is spring or autumn or when needed due to soil compaction

Would you be able to revive my dead lawn patches?

Yes, but it may need more the just coring

What method do you use for aeration?

We use a fantastic lawn coring machine

Would you be able to fix my water irrigation too?

Yes we can in most cases

What size of lawn can you do?

From small to large

Does it matter if I have pets?

No, however pets should be kept away during the process

Do I need to prepare anything before you come over?

Just make sure the lawn is clear of any toys, furniture etc.

Do you have a specific type of fertilizer recommended?

We use liquid fertilizer and each one depends on the type of lawn you have

Do you give discounts to senior citizens?

Definitely! We give a 10% discount to our senior citizen customers

Is Fraser Coast Lawn Coring service guaranteed that I’ll have a nice green healthy lawn?

Yes. We guarantee you a healthy lawn after our service.

What is the timeframe between applications?

Lawn coring should be done twice a year or when the lawn has been compacted due to high traffic.

Should I water my lawn after aeration?

Yes. A lawn needs a minimum of 1-2 inches a week.

How long would it take for my lawn to improve?

You can see changes in the colour of the lawn within 3-4 days.

Do I have to be at home when you do your lawn coring application?

You don’t have to, but we would need access to the lawns that require coring

How long after a treatment should we wait to go on the lawn?

We recommend 12 -24 hours if we applied liquid fertilizer after the coring process so that all the fertilizer can soak into your lawn.

How high should I mow my grass?

Depending on your lawn and grass type you should only cut a 1/3 of the top and you lawn should have a height of 3 inches

How should I water my lawn?

Most lawns require 1 inch of water per week and this should be applied deeply and in one application

Should I mulch or bag my clippings.

Mulching is the best way as it puts nutrients back into the soil which then promotes greener healthier grass.

How do I level a bumpy lawn?

Top dressing is the best way to resolve this

How do I get rid of weeds?

There are many different types of weeds , for some you can apply specific weed killers while others need to be manually removed.

When I mow, should I return the grass clippings back to the lawn, or pick them up?

Best practice is to have a mower with a mulching deck.

When is the best time to water?

We recommend to water early mornings as this will give best results

My lawn does not improve with fertilizer treatments. What can I do?

There are many possibilities and it would require an expert to look at.

What is thatch?

Thatch is un-decomposed material sitting on top of the soil.

When is the best time for seeding?

In most cases and areas, early spring is the best time

Lawn maintenance hinges on a few basic tasks: mowing, feeding, weeding and aerating. Tackle these four tasks faithfully, and your turf will be on a fast track to picture-perfect good looks. It’s easy to spot the need to cut, fertilize or weed, but knowing if turf needs aeration is not so obvious – unless you know the signs.

In some cases, you don’t really need to test your lawn to see if you should aerate. Soil that’s compacted on a regular basis needs to be aerated on a regular basis. Compacted soil puts the squeeze on grass roots, inhibiting their ability to function – and robbing lush looks from your lawn. If your lawn is frequently driven on, grass probably already looks thin and less than ideal. The weight of a vehicle – even a mower – compacts soil, so it’s important to vary mowing patterns to slow soil compaction.

Heavy clay soil or a thatch layer of more than half an inch also signals the need for aeration. Lawns that show heavy wear and thinning from foot traffic, turn brown quickly when dry weather lingers, or have thick stands of clover are good candidates for aeration. If water tends to puddle after rains, taking a long time to drain, your soil could benefit from aeration. If grass growth stops in the heat of October and soil feels as hard as rock, you need to aerate. Last but not least, if you have never aerated your lawn, chances are you need to, but it’s worth doing a simple diagnostic test to make sure.

How to test:
Simply use a screwdriver or pencil and push it into the lawn.You should be able to reach a depth of 3-4 inches. If not you should aerate/ core your lawn.

Lawn Care Questions

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